2017         Moon Cake Festival Laneway Project             Rockhampton Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia

2017-18    Babalogic in the Desert                                   Sahara West Library, Las Vegas, USA

2017         Babalogic in the Desert                                   Clark County Rotunda Gallery, Las Vegas, USA

2017         Lunar Lantern Commission                             City of Sydney, Australia

2016        Sudu/Speed (Animation and Installation)         Commissioned by Murray Art Museum Albury, NSW, Australia

2016         Depth of Ease in Vegas                                   Zappos Downtown, Las Vegas, USA

2016         Monkey Lantern, Lunar Lantern Festival         Commissioned by the City of Sydney @ the Sydney Opera House, Australia

2015         Second International Zhongshan Art Expo      Guangdong, China

2015         Reverse the Perspective                                 Mebo Culture, Wangjing Soho, Beijing, China

2015         Death                                                               Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, Australia

2014-15    Empire Bookends: Basketcase                        University of Chicago, Beijing Center, China

2013         The China Code (A Retrospective)                 Southern Florida College Melvin Gallery, Lakeland, Florida, USA

2012         Babalogic                                                        Commissioned Feature Artist by Art Asia (Art Basel) Miami, USA

2012         ShiWaiTaoYuan                                              Commissioned by The Opposite House, Beijing, China